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R.Rajashekar Profile



Lecturer of SBMS College

Mobile : +91 - 9441089104
Office : +91 - 08549-273754
Res :
Email ID :

College Location :
H.No.1-1/2, Opp. A.P.Girls Residential School
Jadcharla Road Kalwakurthy Mahbubnagar - District
Andhra Pradesh, India - 509324.

K.Rambabu Profile

Name : K.Rambabu
Date of Birth & Age : 01-05-1973, 40 Years
Degree B.Ed M.Sc M.Ed
University N.U A.U N.U
Year of passing 1995 2001 2000
Subject Mathematics Chemistry Education
Division Second First Second
Percentage 53.7% 62.0% 53.5%
Designation & Address : Lecturer
Opp: Arabindo School,
Thilak Nagar, Kalwakurthy,
Mahabubnagar (Dist.), A.P.
Date of Joining the
Present Institution :
01-04-2004 - Present
Teaching Experience :
a) in B.Ed. Colleges : 4 Years 5 Months
b) Other than B.Ed. colleges : 3 Years 0 months
Total Exp : 7 Years 5 months
Whether NET / SLET qualified : -- Nil --
Special Qualifications (if any) : -- Nil --
I hereby certify that the information furnished above is verified and correct Sd/-
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